VILLAGES: Women’s Art Spaces are open to applications from women and mothers looking for affordable art studio spaces at our new site. The building situated at Major Industrial Estate, Heysham (near Morecambe) hosts a series of spacious rooms filled with natural light.

Villages co-founder Georgianna is managing and maintaining the space to welcome artists of all practices with the opportunity to their bring children to the space. We value supporting women to keep creating through childcare responsibilities. We also value space for women to feel seen, heard and practice professionally.

Fees for each space vary from £50 per month and £20 per day. Spaces can also be rented weekly. Heat, water and gas is included. A deposit and indemnity insurance required .

Please contact with questions or applications. Applications should include:
• An artist bio.
• Images of your art work.
• How much space you require.
• How long you would require a space for (there is no limitation on this time).
• Any other information you can provide (such as a website).

Please note we work part time at VILLAGES and we will respond to your applications as soon as possible.